8|10|8 Luxus-ORO

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Introducing our signature 8|10|8 beaded bracelet in its newest form, LUXUS. Our staple has been elevated to a new level of aesthetics and durability by removing string and replacing it with chain to prevent any breakage and adding a unique MAGARI clasp for ease when putting on. Our 8|10|8 LUXUS is meant to be loose fitting to flow with the contours of the hand as well as showcase its natural shine with every arm movement. This bracelet is brilliantly crafted, The 8|10|8 LUXUS is our evolution of luxury.


  • Color: 18k Gold plated
  • Gold chain running through the beads
  • Intricate Magari pattern carved onto diamond clasp to emulate our logo
  • 5A CZ stones on beads and toggle bar


  • Recommended: Medium (21.5 cm) for majority and Small(19.5 cm) for more of a snug fit