Magari History


Many may not know the origin of MAGARI. It is one full of ambition, challenges, and most importantly passion!

MAGARI EMPIRE was founded by 2 childhood friends who first met in Kindergarten. They went to school together from K-12 but in high school and college they drifted apart only to be brought back together by an unbreakable connection-the connection of MAGARI–of building a legacy around luxury products that would be experienced by all walks of life.

This vision would not be accepted by many-but instead laughed at by those closest to them. Those individuals did not believe MAGARI would be the brand it is today or what it will grow to be in the near future. These 2 childhood friends put all they had to get MAGARI up off the ground and it all started with a simple idea of a tie clip. Yes, MAGARI was first envisioned around the idea of a simple tie clip with a chain. Slowly these 2 men realized what their true calling was–to bring quality jewelry that is classy, tasteful, and more accessible than the current marketplace.

As they began to draw up, design and create these bracelets they began to see love and support from those they never knew, and those they thought they would never meet.

These 2 individuals did not grow up in a wealthy household, they come from hardworking families who didn't have much but they had love and happiness–the two most important traits that carry them till this day.

These 2 individuals continue to fight and overcome obstacles to bring their true vision of MAGARI to fruition–the vision of providing a luxury experience to all walks of life.