Product Use & Care Instructions

All of our products are made with purpose to offer the best quality at the most accessible pricing available. From safe and durable materials like Stainless Steel to our refined renditions of Silver or Custom Gold jewelry, all of our products are guaranteed to offer the best value in its class. Materials aside, the only way to preserve the beauty of your new heirloom purchase & prolong its life over time is by following proper care instructions and avoid wearing in conditions jewelry was not intended for. 

Please avoid wearing these jewelry pieces during excessive physical or recreational activities. Please keep out of heavy chlorine or salt bodies of water like pools and oceans as this can damage all materials used including metal, plating, polishing and other production techniques and finishes that go into each piece of jewelry. 

As tempting and comfortable as it may be to keep your jewelry on at all times, we highly suggest to remove it when not necessary and clean properly before storing in the provided packaging. Clean with a soft cloth and rub away any skin oils, bodily fluids, dirt, dust and other residue that may have accumulated over time from wearing in various environments.

For plated jewelry, avoid jewelry cleaner of any kind and keep in a dry safe place when not in use. 

For softer and finer metals like Silver or Gold additional care may be needed to restore shine and remove tarnishing over time.

We hope you enjoy your newest piece of finely crafted art and as always, thank you for your endless love & support!